Unlock the Elegance of Fine Art Editorial Wedding Photography and Videography


Are you searching for wedding photography and videography that goes beyond the ordinary, capturing the essence of your love story in an artistic and timeless manner?

Annie Strever Group is here to transform your dream wedding into a living masterpiece, offering you two distinctive tiers of service – Premium and General – tailored to your specific needs.

Our Premium tier places you in the capable hands of Annie Strever herself, an accomplished artist renowned for her fine art editorial approach to photography. She personally curates and captures every nuance of your love story, ensuring it's represented with the artistry and elegance it deserves.

The General tier of ASG's service offerings maintains the exceptional quality and style for which we're known while offering affordability and flexibility. This tier allows you to work with one of Annie Strever's talented mentees, who receive her personal training to provide top-tier service.

Key Highlights of Premium Service:

Annie Strever as Your Lead Photographer: Experience the pinnacle of fine art editorial photography with Annie Strever personally guiding your wedding journey. Her expert touch, honed through years of experience, will create a timeless visual narrative of your love.

Personalized Consultation: Collaborate closely with Annie to refine your vision. Her personal guidance ensures your style, preferences, and unique story are flawlessly captured.

Exclusive Engagement Session: Each Premium package includes a complimentary engagement session, where the magic begins. This special session showcases your love story and provides an opportunity for you to experience our approach firsthand.

Highest Quality in Every Image: Expect no less than perfection in every photo. Our expert retouching ensures every image embodies the quality, style, and timelessness associated with ASG.

Key Highlights of General Service:

Annie's Protegé as Your Lead Photographer: While Annie isn't personally behind the camera, her protégés bring remarkable skills, supervised by Annie herself. Expect a talented photographer with a touch of Annie's magic.

Complimentary Engagement Session: Every General package includes a free engagement session, setting the stage for your wedding story.

High-Quality Online Gallery: Access a digital gallery filled with beautifully edited, high-resolution images. Quality is our hallmark, and every photo showcases the artistry and care for which ASG is renowned.

Customization Through A-la-Carta Pricing: Tailor your General package using our A-la-Carta pricing to meet your exact requirements. Add extra hours, specialized editing, or other features to create your unique wedding photography and videography experience.

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Discover ASG: Where Quality, Style, and Experience Converge

Annie Strever Group (ASG) is all about crafting exquisite wedding photography and videography experiences. With Premium and General packages, we provide you the opportunity to choose the level of service that best aligns with your vision. Our artistic vision, expert skills, and dedication to your story ensure every moment is elegantly captured and artistically immortalized.

Make your wedding day an event to remember, cherished for generations to come, with ASG's fine art editorial wedding photography and videography. Contact us today to explore our packages and embark on a journey of timeless elegance and beauty. Your love story, captured with finesse, awaits.

Best Top Austin Texas Destination Editorial Fine Art Wedding Photographer Videography Austin Annie Strever Group
Best Top Austin Texas Destination Editorial Fine Art Wedding Photographer Videography Austin Annie Strever Group

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