either you are here looking for a wedding photographer or celebrate intimate you two only, or you want to catch the first days of your little human, or maybe you have a big family gathering, or simply want to revisit your own self - i would be there for you as a perfect partner, friend or companion on that adventure... i approach each client as a new creative project carefully putting together all the pieces of your authentic puzzle to create something unique that would reflect and project your personality as the result of my work.


your photo experience starts there - you can get creative with me or just trust me to do what i do best. i listen your story or just as simple as your inquire and develop beautiful concept - find a right set up for your story. i do a lot of mood boards and inspiration content search. i call it my home work. i do love go over outfits, bounce simple ideas and other little details to make sure we'll get the most out of our X time.


that would be my favorite part no doubt. time for magic! let's just go out there and feel each and every moment of it - that would never repeat it self and we will never be the same. you go live your life and make sure you are really present. i will make sure to save it for you in a truly unique and feeling-vivid way you can't imagine. my signature video clips are probably my clients favorite adds-on. i do have an unbreakable love with cinematography, but because of my sparkly personality i do only short or very short format. I have also a great team by my side if I need to go bigger or more serious. so all in all i will be there for you not only behind the camera, but also as a person to rely on emotionally - i am there to help you feel safe and comfortable whatever we are about to do you can be sure i will cover your back and won't let you down.


i am a fan of all natural, authentic and real. that's why almost all my pics have a simple but elegant editing style. i don't do crazy-serious photoshop retouching - my stories are beautifully told with natural light and you - they already perfect! but of course you will get shortly your beautiful digital gallery with all the good pictures in full size so you can easily make a billboard and shamelessly enjoy it. all your short clips will be most likely in a format to use it on your phone - because who are we kidding now - you will share them with your friends and families right away. and that ability to share our happiness would be one of the biggest joy in life! let's be free to be ourselves and happy in our inner universe and freedom. million thanks for my clients to trusting me and let me in their lives and souls! after every journey i become a little richer inside than i was before. it's filling me up so i'm giving back in my art/work i'm making for you!

now if that all sounds appealing to you come check my travel calendar and get in touch with me, I'm so looking forward to meet you


Simone Quirk

"... you do some miracle work behind the camera! we are so appreciative to have crossed path with you!"

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Ruth Barrow

"...Annie was able to work her magic with our day-cranky toddler, he warmed up and cooperate..."


Rachel Jones

"...Annie is all around phenomenal. She is so friendly and make us feel comfortable. I couldn't imagine doing our photos with anyone else."